Sustainable Local Agriculture Committee

Sustainable Local Agriculture Committee

Chair: Gina Ironmonger


The purpose of the Committee is to facilitate and advocate for food growing strategies that promote local agriculture and business and thus contribute to the viability of the LCCDT region.

Initiatives are related to: food and water supply, drainage, insect/weed control, and land use plans that engage communities and people on their own terms, needs and wants.

Sustainable agriculture encourages practices that protect the environment, respect animal welfare, promote community involvement and pride while bolstering the local economy.


  • Identify agricultural related initiatives in the Lower Columbia Region and act as a catalyst to encourage collaboration;
  • Build self esteem of communities through sustainable agriculture projects; creating civic pride.
  • Create visibly attractive downtown areas that become a draw for local residents and visitors.
  • Increase public awareness of agriculture as part of our sustainable future through the advancement of community gardens and integration with school initiatives.
  • Advance the concept of the incrEDIBLE trail as a regional initiative.
  • Advocate and facilitate regional planning processes related to advance sustainable agriculture.
  • Promoting complimentary use of residential lands for sustainable agriculture.


Ingrid Enns

Connie Smith

Arlene Chapman

Rhonda Manson

Valerie Huff

Melinda Burkert

John Abenante

Jeanine Powell

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