LCCDTS Terms of Reference

LCCDTS Terms of Reference


To advance the economic strength of the Lower Columbia region by overseeing the development and cooperative implementation of developmental initiatives important to the area. To endorse and support the activities of committees working under the auspices of the Society.

Lower Columbia Region is defined as including the following areas:

The operations of the Society shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members and no part of any income of the Society shall be payable to the members; any accretion of funds to the Society shall be used for carrying out its purpose.

Committee expenditures must be approved by the Society as a whole.

The directors and officers of the Society shall serve without remuneration and neither directors nor the officers shall receive directly or indirectly any profit from their position in the performance of their duties.

Society members, reflecting a commitment to improve the economic vitality of the Lower Columbia region, agree to participate in the following way:

  • to respect the viewpoints and concerns of all participants;
  • to respect the terms of reference and principles by which the Society has agreed to function;
  • to foster cooperation in the interest of advancing the region;
  • to participate proactively;
  • to acquire, in a timely manner, any endorsements and/or approvals required from the parties they represent;
  • and, not to independently undertake initiatives or projects duplicating those of the Society without the endorsement of the Society.


Working together to create an extraordinary region to work, invest & live.

LCCDTS Mission

Inspiring regional solutions, together.

LCCDTS Strategies:

Improve quality of life and social wellness by expanding housing options, by enriching arts & culture, by sustaining a healthy environment, and expanding recreational opportunities.

Increase workforce growth, development and renewal by generating rewarding employment opportunities, by attracting and retaining talent, and by providing accessible education and skill development.

Enhance business growth and development through innovative, regional investment strategies, and by leveraging and showcasing our unique natural and environmental assets.

Advance connectivity by enhancing transportation, by expanding communication infrastructure and by leveraging our collective networks.

Establish regional identity as the Lower Columbia by showcasing the region as a whole, by fostering greater intra-region collaboration, and through the recognition that shared resources is beneficial to all.

Chair Position

The Society will be chaired by a non-political member or other community volunteer acceptable to the Society.

Executive Director Position

The Society's Executive Director position is currently held by Terry Van Horn, Executive Director of the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the LCCDTS.

Administrative Support

Administrative support shall be provided through the office of the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCIC). The office is located Suite #1, 1355 Pine Avenue, Trail, B.C.

Decision Making Process

The Society will endeavor to operate by consensus, but can adopt decisions by vote of two-thirds majority of its members present at any given meeting if required.

Regional Economic Improvement Process

The economic strength and community vitality of the Lower Columbia area will be achieved through the identification and timely execution of projects, endorsed by the Society, and undertaken by volunteer committees appointed by the Society.

Project Characteristics

Projects shall be characterized by defined scopes, objectives and timelines for implementation, measurable results including identifiable milestones by which to track progress. Projects do not include special interest advocacy activities that cannot be characterized by defined scopes, objectives, measurable results and timelines for implementation.

Characteristics of Project Implementation Committees

Project Implementation Committees:

  • shall be endorsed by the Society;
  • shall be composed of volunteers from the private, public and community sectors;
  • work will be volunteer driven, but some of the volunteers may have work-related interests;
  • elected officials may volunteer to serve as committee members;
  • shall have a mandate to achieve the agreed objectives of the project, which must be supported by definable outcomes;
  • shall be granted by the Society the authority to act on behalf of the participating parties, including the local governments, whose authority is granted following the protocols specified for those governments;
  • shall be accountable to the Congress for the achievement of the agreed results in the agreed timeframes;
  • and, shall be chaired by persons appointed by the Chair of the Society.

Public Affairs

The Chair of the Society or a designate of the chair shall be the spokesperson for the Society. Participating parties and members of Society shall restrict their media comments to an endorsement of the projects of the Society and referral of media to the designated spokesperson for details.

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