Attainable Housing Committee

Attainable Housing Committee

Chair: Janet Morton


To facilitate and advocate for strategies that address housing needs; attract and retain individuals and families; and contribute to the Lower Columbia’s regional viability.

Housing Need and Demand Study Housing Need and Demand Study - 2015 Update


  • Act as a catalyst to encourage collaboration and prevent duplication of initiatives
  • Collect, maintain and share, current and future housing-related data, and identify larger trends
  • Increase public awareness about housing initiatives and information affecting the area
  • Facilitate a regional planning process, related to addressing Accessible Housing needs
  • Evaluate data and activities, and recommend accessible housing priorities for the region
  • Where necessary, coordinate existing housing-related efforts to maximize regional impacts and benefits


Craig Adams

Patricia Marshall Thompson

Gail Lavery

Sue Flagel

Donna Dean

Bert Kniss

Gina Ironmonger

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