What We Do

What We Do

The Lower Columbia Community Development Team Society (LCCDTS) works to advance the social and economic strength in the Lower Columbia communities of beautiful BC. As a Society, we identify regional priorities through strategic planning sessions with our members and stakeholders, and then address the needs identified within our communities through our committee work.

Specifically, we oversee the development and cooperative implementation of initiatives important to the area. To help us achieve these goals, we are comprised of diverse working committees who regularly meet to support specific LCCDTS Board-identified and endorsed projects and objectives. Each working committee is a dynamic entity continually evolving as new objectives are discovered and prior ones are met.

LCCDTS Committee Projects

Our committees undertake projects each year, on an on-going basis to achieve their individual mandates and to work towards the Society’s overall goal of social and economic advancement. However, our projects do not include special interest advocacy activities that can’t be characterized by the terms below.

Committee projects are characterized by specific:

  • scopes
  • objectives
  • timelines for implementation
  • measurable results
  • identifiable milestones to track progress

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Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCIC)

In addition to the work the Society does, the LCCDTS also oversees the work of the LCIC. This initiative came into being through an Economic Services Agreement the LCCDTS made with the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary on January 1, 2010.

In particular, the LCIC works to develop a creative, dynamic and competitive business environment that inherently fosters economic growth. Working collaboratively with Lower Columbia communities, local agencies, organizations and businesses, the LCIC develops and implements strategies to strengthen our local economy.

As such, the LCIC provides the following economic development services for existing and potential businesses in the Lower Columbia region:

  • Be a point of contact to facilitate communication;
  • Gather and distribute information to assist the business community;
  • Provide necessary and available information to assist businesses to locate, grow or become sustainable in the region;
  • Provide guidance and advice about potential additional sources of required information;
  • Develop a bi-annual community profile, outlining the Lower Columbia’s statistical profile, benefits and investment opportunities; and
  • Market the region to business and individuals as a worthy investment opportunity.
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